Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11, 2013

In just under 15 months I will have a show at the newly renovated gallery on the campus of Bethel College. Yesterday I came to Newton and started the process of creating those pieces that I will eventually exhibit in that space. Where to start?
Since my sister and her husband were gracious enough to allow me to stay in their home I began by simply walking  around their house. That house does happen to be the presidents home and is a beautiful large space that could yield many interesting images. I sketched a space from the side that included the porch. It was about 4 in the afternoon.
Next I traveled by car from the north to the south end of Newton. At the south end I found some interesting spaces of the edge of Newton. I like how they build all the way to the edge of the field compacting the homes right to the edge of a cultivated field.
By early evening I was back on campus sketching a space that was illuminated by some pillar lights. The students seem to be walking from the cafeteria back to the dorm. I would like to include the human element in that painting.
By evening I was back driving through Newton when I stumbled across a place called care something. Older gentleman playing cards at a table just inside the door may make a great painting showing a different side of Newton.

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